Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Welcome Visitors To Framlingham And Some Babysitting Duties in Kent

After writing about Marion's hair loss ( an after-effect of her swine flu) on my last blog, I was hoping to report a slowdown this time but I'm afraid that it's still carrying on. The specialist we saw last month said that it could be three months before the loss stops completely and her hair returns to its normal growth cycle so I suppose it's not really a surprise but it is getting her down. Although her hair still looks great to me and I don't think anyone would notice it without being told, I hope that there's an improvement for her in the near future.

I got my new novel back from my editor about ten days ago and I'm doing my best to work on his very constructive criticism. His comments are extremely helpful and make a lot of sense but making the changes is hard work and taking a lot of time. I'm hoping to have rewritten it by the middle of the month and then I'll be ready for the next step. When I've not been busy rewriting we've had plenty to do at home and not much time to get out but we did find the time to visit a local landmark (Leiston Abbey - above) last week. It's a very interesting and quite atmospheric site.

We had visitors for the Bank Holiday weekend when son Paul and his daughter Catherine joined us in Framlingham. Catherine enjoyed a visit to the castle where she took part in the Tudor dancing class.

She also enjoyed the funfair outside the castle - a slightly less genteel event. 

Before we returned to Rochester, where we are staying for the week to babysit ,we also watched the Annual Framlingham Gala parade. It was a fairly short parade this year which was a good job in view of the very unseasonal temperatures.

Back in Rochester I soon came into contact with the local wildlife (or not so wild life in the case of foxes). This one hardly budged while I had time to take out my phone and switch it on before taking a photo.

It's been lovely looking after Catherine. We've kept her busy. Yesterday we went to a dinosaur workshop in Maidstone museum where she made this great dinosaur head hat. The decoration was entirely her own work - not a bad effort for a three-year-old.Tomorrow we're taking her into London and on Friday it's the Rochester Sweeps Festival.