Sunday, 19 June 2016

Busy Times For Marion

We've had another three days babysitting in Kent so we've been pretty busy again this week but we've had a weekend free and Marion has used it to get on top of the garden.

We bought this house because of its sunny south facing garden that overlooks open farmland. Marion has always been a very keen gardener so it gave her the opportunity to stamp her mark on a fairly large but somewhat uninspiring plot.

This is how it looked when we bought the house in 2012.

Note the slope and the large Leylandi

Before Marion got to work on the garden we had my office built and the large Leylandi Cyprus removed.

With the office in place, it was time for the landscape gardeners to start work.

And here's how it looked when the landscapers had finished in spring 2013. I don't seem to have taken any photos in 2014 - it was a very hectic year for us.

But in 2015 it was beginning to take shape.

The local blacksmith made us this archway and fitted it last spring.

Today Marion has spent all day in the garden and here are photos of how it is looking now. I think she's done a fantastic job and, before long, we'll have a well established and (hopefully) very pretty garden. I think you'll agree it's quite a change from when we bought it.

We're off to Scotland later this week so hope that the gardener can keep on top of the garden for us while we are away and that when we get back it will look even more established.