Friday, 9 October 2015

We Get Around

To quote a favourite Beach Boys song we certainly do get around in our retirement. This week was no exception and on Sunday I joined our son Paul at Wembley to watch the New York Jets play the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Paul has been a Jets fan since we went on a family holiday to New York before he got married and he's been following them ever since. 

After the ticket fiasco I wrote about in my last blog, everything went smoothly with the replacement tickets from Ticketmaster.

After the overpriced tickets from another agency failed to materialise, we managed to get these tickets right on the half way line for face price plus £10 booking fee - a saving of £250 and better seats to boot. As the event was a sell out with a crowd of almost 84,000 this was a stroke of good luck. The game itself was brilliant entertainment. Along with glamorous dancing cheerleaders, we had heavy rock music interludes accompanied by acrobats on spring laden stilts, big screen kiss cams, dance cams and any other type of cam you care to mention. The hour long match lasted for three and a half hours when all the time-outs, advertising breaks and regular breaks in play were taken into account. It was a good performance from the Jets who won convincingly after a tense final quarter in which Miami attempted to get back into the game. I had a great day. I asked Paul if he would like to go to another of the NFL games at Wembley but, as they don't involve the Jets, he declined my offer.

Paul was working at MIP TV (the big TV industry event in Cannes) this week so, after the game at Wembley, we went to Rochester and helped out with the child care. We had a great time with our Kent family and got to know our new grandson a little better. We managed a trip to London with the family on Tuesday and enjoyed another balmy October day.

We really have had a fabulous Indian summer this year. This was the sky when we got back home to Suffolk later yesterday afternoon.

We were greeted by this fabulous bouquet of flowers sent to us by our daughter-in-law as a thank you for our childcare help.

The family bought me a super Persian cookery book (amongst other things) for my birthday and tonight we tried one of the recipes. It was a pork loin in a pomegranate marinade and was absolutely delicious.

We caught up with our housework today. After I finished my share (Marion did much more) I had a couple of hours out with the metal detector. It was a good session and, amazingly, warm enough to walk around the fields in a t-shirt - a first for October. I will post photos of the finds on the next blog as I'm getting a new iPhone 6s tomorrow and want to try the camera.

It was a great end to the week as, after an hour over coffee in glorious sunshine at The Dancing Goat here in Framlingham,  I went to Carley Hill for a haircut and Emma, who manages things there, told me she had read my novel on holiday and loved it. The only thing that pleases an author more than to know that someone has taken time to read their book is to know that someone has taken time to read it and loved it.