Friday, 23 October 2015

Our Youngest Visitor

Ever since we moved to Suffolk we've looked forward to visits from friends and family and, so far, we've enjoyed welcoming quite a few guests. This week we had a very special visitor as our three-year-old granddaughter Catherine from Rochester joined us for a two night break.

We collected her from Kent on Monday morning and spent a lovely two and a half days with her here in Framlingham before taking her back to her mum and dad on Wednesday. Although she missed her family and they certainly missed her, we had a great time and packed the days with playing.

The weather was mostly fine and we were able to walk into town for a visit to Leo's Deli where she selected her favourite salami and cheese before going to The Dancing Goat to sample one of their delicious chocolate brownies.

Monday afternoon at 3 p.m saw the launch of Steven Mulhern's brand new game show Pick Me on ITV1. Our son Paul is a development executive with Possessed TV who produced the show and we were excited to see it after hearing all about it for several months. I liked the bluffing format so much that I had a stab at providing some questions. 

And I am pleased to say that, as you can see, the producers did indeed Pick Me. It's a fun show and very different to what you will usually see on TV at 3 in the afternoon. If you take away the fun element and the colourful costumes there's a very solid game of bluff behind it. Steven Mulhern is a brilliant host and there have been plenty of hilarious moments in its first week. The highlight for me so far was 64-year-old Raden's excitement at winning a trip to the zoo. Judging from the comments on Twitter it's a Marmite programme but the lovers far far outweigh the miseries who post snarky comments.

Catherine loved helping her nanny with the gardening.

We turned the living room into a playroom.

Sadly the visit was over too quickly and we drove back to Kent on Wednesday afternoon after enjoying our little visitor's company so much.

We broke the return journey with a trip to Cochester Zoo which is almost exactly half way. It's a very good little zoo and we had a very enjoyable couple of hours. Catherine was brave enough to handle this enormous stick insect. I am not sure that her grandparents would have been as willing to pick it up.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the underwater viewing tunnel in the sea lion enclosure. It was fascinating to watch the animals glide above us like birds.

After getting Catherine home safely it was back to retirement as usual. We spent yesterday on housework but today was more relaxing and I had a few hours detecting while Marion did some more gardening. Tomorrow we're off to London. I'm going to a Masterclass run by The Guardian which is aimed at helping new authors to get their book noticed by publishers. Give Me Your Tomorrow , which I self-published, has reasonable, but unspectacular, monthly sales. I want my next novel (currently 35% complete) to perform better and I hope that the class,which is being hosted by the brilliant Scott Pack (see Meandmybigmouth blog link to the right), will point me in the right direction.