Wednesday, 23 September 2015

On Local Art And Being On Everest

The hectic (but enjoyable) retirement schedule continued this week. 

On Saturday we drove down the road to Glemham to see Cornucopia, the latest exhibition to be held at Jason Gathorne-Hardy's lovely Alde Valley farm. Amongst the exhibitors where Robert Hardy (centre above) whose amazing fantasy animal works sculpted from everyday tools and objects filled one of the barns. His show was opened by Radio presenter Libby Purves who is an avid collector of his work. We didn't buy one due to shortage of space but they are well worth seeing and are on show until 4th October.

The exhibition got us into an arty mood so we drove to Southwold where another local artist  Mark Burrell was showing his paintings in Craft Co. We have one of his paintings and love his colourful fantasy landscapes. We particularly liked two merry-go-round pictures and would have loved to buy one if only we had wall space.

We had a stroll along the seafront at Southwold before coffee and a snack in a really pleasant cafe. It's called Fifty One and is at 51 High St. Very friendly service, with good and reasonably priced home made food made it somewhere we will be going back to again. 

I've mentioned the excellent IMAX screen at Cineworld many times on this blog but on Monday it came into its own more then ever. We went to see Everest, the true story of an ill fated ascent of the mountain in the 90's. The overall IMAX effect made us feel as if we were with the climbers in the ice storms and on the summit - a truly brilliant movie experience. It's a very good film but if you see it in IMAX it's a great film.

We're regularly eating Jamie at the moment (you know what I mean). His Super Food book has some really super recipes and on Saturday Marion cooked this chicken and sweet potato meal including her own home made rye bread. I think you will agree that it looks pretty much like Jamie's version. It tasted delicious.

On Tuesday I had an hour with the detector. I dug the deepest hole I have ever dug and after getting to two feet I had to go home to get a spade. All the effort was sadly wasted as, at almost three feet down I hit something that looks like a rusty old iron pipe. Never mind, keeps me fit I suppose!

Tonight we're missing the monthly quiz as our team mates can't make it so we're going to the college for what promises to be an interesting talk by Karen Hester who started as a cleaner and ended up as an Executive Director of Adnams. Wonder if there will be any samples?

I used to post a lot of YouTube stuff on my blogs but haven't done recently as there are thousands everyday on Twitter and Facebook and anywhere you care to look. But with my love of movies and Bruno Mars Uptown Funk, I had to post this one.