Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Here We Are Again

We're back in our caravan in St Andrews for a week or two which means that I'm writing this sitting in the car in the site car park as, as always, WIFI has two speeds at our pitch - very slow and non-existent. The same goes for mobile phone reception which is why we found ourselves sitting in a lay by in the middle of nowhere last night so that we could make a phone call. Connectivity apart, it is lovely up here and we're enjoying the chance to see the Scottish branch of the family.

Before driving up to Scotland we had our last night of the Snape Proms for this year. It was The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performing sixties hits with three vocalists. This photo from their website includes three of the singers we saw on the night. It was a tremendously entertaining event - great singing, great playing and a fabulous choice of music. The highlight for me was probably the rendition of the clarinet classic Strangers On The Shore but this was just one of many hugely popular sixties favourites. We've been to four of the Snape Proms and have enjoyed them all. Hopefully next year we will get to more.

We didn't find a crock of gold but this beautiful rainbow welcomed us shortly after we arrived on site at Craigtoun Meadows. We didn't know if it signalled a change to dry weather or that more wet days beckoned. Fortunately it turned out to be the latter and we've had three or four beautiful days already which is good news as the Scottish press reported last week that nowhere in Scotland recorded more than six days of unbroken sunshine this summer.

We've already seen Rose and Melody and their mum and dad plenty of times in the few days we've been here. We bought the caravan on the day after Rose was born and, without it, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to see them growing up - such a good buy.

After getting off to a patchy start (like many siblings), Rose and Melody are now the very best of friends and play together for hours on end. No need to guess who is the most mischievous.

Rose loves dressing up. 

While we were at their house at the weekend I was fascinated to see what happens if you don't cut and eat artichokes when they are ready. The resulting flowers are stunning.

Yesterday was so fine that we managed to get out on our bikes for a ride. Although I have been on a number of rides in St Andrews on my own I think it's only the second day this year that we've managed to get out together. We sat and watched surfers and canoeists in the waves on East Sands.

And then took the road behind the famous West Sands. There was hardly a cloud to be seen all day.

Before going back to the caravan we stopped for coffee at the new cafe above the Golf Museum. It certainly is a place with a great view. It was a prefect day and must have been brilliant for the hundreds of freshers who arrived at the university at the weekend. It's Freshers' Week and the town is full of society stands advertising their clubs. I particularly liked the look of the fine cheese and wine society but I would wouldn't I?

Whilst on the subject of food and wine, on Thursday evening we're trying out Rocca Grill. It's right alongside the Old Course and is the place where Jamie, the winner of Masterchef The Professionals works. It should be interesting.