Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Birthday Celebrations Continue

After a few days in Suffolk we're now in St Andrews visiting the Scottish branch of the family.  We had our regular big Suffolk breakfast at The Lemon Tree in Framlingham on Saturday before buying a couple of delicious sausage rolls and Bakewell tarts from Leo's Deli for sustenance on the journey and some of In Da Cottage's luxury chocolate for a treat when we reached the caravan and then set off on the 507 mile journey north. We're used to the trip now and this time it went very smoothly and, with very little traffic, we managed it in under eight hours including our half way rest break and driver changeover. 

Sarah had lined up a treat for us on Sunday and she and Duncan took us to Rufflets Country House hotel just outside St Andrews for a lovely champagne afternoon tea.

It was great for us both to catch up with granddaughters Rose and Melody.

I am not sure that, with pastel sofas, chocolate rice krispie cakes were the hotel's wisest choice for the children's afternoon tea menu but ,after a precarious few minutes, the upholstery escaped unscathed.

The weather cleared up enough for the girls to spend a few minutes in the hotel's lovely gardens.

It was good to see how little Melody is growing up. When we were between houses we spent six months living in the caravan in St Andrews so got to know Rose very well, we've spent a lot of time babysitting our second granddaughter Catherine in Rochester but we haven't seen as much of Melody. Hopefully this couple of weeks will start to redress that balance and she and we will get to know each other much better. She's a very happy little girl with a great sense of fun.

It's been very cold and windy at the caravan. My mum is going to join us here for Easter and it will be nice if the weather picks up and she can enjoy St Andrews in some sunshine.