Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Royal Visit

We’re still in St Andrews and it’s been a pretty internet free week as the caravan site has been full to near overflowing and that means that the WIFI which is slow at the best of times has been almost non-existent. As ours is almost the furthest caravan from the transmitter every caravan owner and his dog is logging on before us. If desperate I can take the laptop down to the site office and hitch my computer up to the site’s own BT WIFI but I’ve realised  that checking out Twitter, eBay, Facebook and blogging isn’t really that important.

And what’s more we’ve had a V.I.P visitor this week. My mum, like the queen, is in her ninetieth year but I think that Mum looks much younger despite not having scores of flunkeys at her beck and call to attend to her every whim.

We’ve kept her busy. We haven’t exactly spoiled her and, apart from a trip to the National Trust For Scotland’s Hill Of Tarvit (where we had the slowest served coffee ever – one hour wait as they had forgotten to switch the machine on) and some lovely coffee and shortbread (above) overlooking the famous golf course at The Old Course Hotel, she’s been living the caravan life. Hopefully she’s enjoyed it (she says she has) and, all being well she can join us down in Suffolk for a few days later in the year.

We’ve helped Sarah a little. She gave up her Easter weekend to help the Friends Of Craigtoun Park by giving free baby, toddler and yoga classes. It was a glorious two days and the park was absolutely packed although yoga was not as popular as we had hoped.

Which, given that there were bouncy castles and other playground attractions, is perhaps understandable.

Both Melody and Rose have been as good as gold for the time we’ve been here. Melody is getting to know us better which is great. Today Marion joined Sarah with the girls for a trip to Edinburgh where they went to a singalong showing of Frozen.

Meanwhile I took Mum to the Scottish Antique Centre near Dundee. I’m still dabbling in antiques a little on eBay although the lovely French antique that I wrote about on here recently sold for only £16 which is about £100 less that I think that it was worth. Fortunately this was not a loss and I managed a £40 profit on a vase, which means that the four items I’ve now sold have all made a profit.

Today I bought just one item. It was sold as a “Georgian Cupid print” but I think that it is actually a very early Regency Valentine. It’s not in great condition but has been folded which I think adds to its authenticity. Let’s hope that I got this one right or my flirtation with eBay may be a very short one.