Sunday, 15 March 2015

Under The Weather

I've been fortunate to have been blessed with good health for most of my life so it was a bit of a shock to the system when I started to feel off colour on Tuesday - nothing serious, just a bit of an upset stomach and an extreme sense of tiredness that was enough to take blogging off the agenda for a few days. I'm pleased to report that I am finally back to normal today but it meant a week of taking it relatively easy.

As a kid I was encouraged to fight illness  and would always be the last standing when the rest of the class had succumbed to the latest round of flu or vomiting sickness even if sat alone at my desk, teeth chattering, shivering and running a high fever. My mum reckoned I would fight it off. She was probably right as times like these few days have been mercifully few and I can count the sick days spent off work in forty years on my fingers. So it was no surprise that I turned up at Fram Leisure for all the spinning and circuit training classes for the week even if I did put in a pretty feeble performance. I've no idea what caused me to be under the weather but, as nobody else seems to be affected, it may just be down to something I ate.

Before the sickness we'd been enjoying some time around Framlingham for a few weeks. We've got a few trips away coming up soon so it was good to be home for a short while. Last Saturday there was an auction at The Castle Inn. It was a small sale but I bought this piece of original artwork from one of the Postman Pat books. I thought it would be nice for the spare bedroom that we've fitted out for when the grandchildren visit although Marion wonders that it might no longer be politically correct. 

We added the final finishing touches to that room when, continuing on our mission to buy local whenever possible, we asked Emma from Esme's House in Framlingham to sort out the window blind and matching light and lamp shades. She did a great job and we are very pleased with the result. Now we're planning to redecorate the hall, landing and stairs. We ordered about twenty samples of wallpaper.

This is the one we've chosen. Let's hope it looks as good as it does on the website.

On Monday, while still fully fit, I did one of my occasional lunches for an elderly neighbour to give him a change from his regular (but very good) microwave ready meals. Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes, green beans and a red wine and mushroom sauce followed by tart au citron (bought I'm afraid) and a small cheese plate were all well received.

Again while still fit I managed a few hours out with the detector too. I've searched a small field about eight times but there are still plenty of signals even if many are rubbish. A few of the more interesting bits follow.

A Medieval Sexfoil Belt Stud

A Good Late Medieval/Post Medieval Sewing Ring Complete

My First Medieval Hammered Coin Of 2015 A Farthing Monarch Unidentified

Another Belt Stud - This One Is Post Medieval

Enamelled Badge 48th Northamptonshire Regiment 

Huge George III "Cartwheel Penny" 1797

Following the successful sale of the gnome two weeks ago, I'm selling the lovely tureen and cabinet plate I found on eBay on eBay. They finish tonight. They won't sell for as much as the tobacco box but with a few hours to go they have at least exceeded their buying cost.

It's Marion's birthday this week so we are heading to Kirkby Lonsdale for a quiet few days in a cottage before a night at The Inn At Whitewell with friends. It should be a good week and we're off to The Crown in Framlingham for dinner tonight to get it off to a relaxing start.