Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gourmet Food, A Minor Flood And The Gnome Finds A New Home

You would have thought that after our fabulous Italian dinner at The Crown And Castle in Orford on Tuesday we would have had had enough fine dining for one week but on Sunday we headed twenty minutes down the road to Woodfarm Barns near Stonham Barns. Owner  Carl turns his property into a pop up restaurant on two weekends each year and what a wonderful experience it is.

Here is the menu that was on offer on Sunday and no, you didn't have to choose, everything above was included in the very reasonable cost. The Thai Green Dover Sole Mousse was a big favourite among the diners in our room but I can honestly say that each course, right down to the cheese, was delicious. Look out for the next event which is planned for November. Full details can be found by clicking here.

In other news, the first day of spring brought us snow. We were sitting in The Crown enjoying a coffee when the doors blew open and there was a five minute blizzard outside. Fortunately the snow disappeared as quickly as it arrived and we ended the day in sunshine.

It's taken my sixty one years but I finally put up a shelf at the weekend. Now that my neighbour has given me his old drill I have no excuse for asking his help. It went up quite successfully. I haven't got a spirit level but I think it's straight enough. It's unlikely that I will be making a habit of this DIY lark but I may have another go one day.

We told our plumber that the immersion heater had tripped the electrics in the house on about 3rd January. Since then we have chased and chased and chased. He finally turned up yesterday and when we removed all the suitcases stored in the airing cupboard we discovered the cause of the problem. The heater had been leaking and had wrecked the carpet and soaked the floor. We have been told that the damage to the flooring is not as bad as we feared and all will be well when it dries out. The carpet is wrecked though and I am faced with the bill to replace the immersion heater when, in all probability it was simply a faulty washer.

On a more positive note, the super gnome tobacco box that I bought on eBay sold for £170. I've just written the listing for the beautiful old sauce tureen now. Although it won't reach the heady heights of the gnome I hope that it does well.

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