Thursday, 18 December 2014

Tapas And Music In Framlingham, A Daily Mail Fail And Wrong Direction

After our visit to Cineworld on Sunday we've had a fairly quiet week finalising a few Christmas presents and getting back into the exercise regime. We've managed to get to several classes at Fram Leisure and needed them as we've lost a bit of our fitness over the past couple of months.

On Monday evening we headed to The Lemon Tree here in Framlingham.

We enjoyed a very good selection of tapas.

And were entertained by swing singer Gary Winter (accompanied here by a couple of diners from a very large party who were having a great time).

On Tuesday we walked down to The Framlingham Wine Shop where owners Richard and Sarah were holding one of their regular wine tasting events. It's always a great evening and tremendous value at £10 which is deductible from any purchases. It was good to meet up with fellow wine lovers and to sample six outstanding and varied wines. We used to buy a lot of our wine from our good friends Whalley Wine Shop but we're doing our best to buy in local shops and, now that Whalley Wine is one of the leading wine outlets in the North West, I'm sure that they won't mind us swapping allegiances to support a new venture in our home town.

Wednesday found us in Norwich where we did a bit of present shopping. It's a very welcoming city and the park and ride service is first class and makes the journey more relaxing.

Today we've been back to the gym and done a few odd jobs about the house. If the weather holds up I'm hoping to make my last metal detecting trip of 2014 for a couple of hours tomorrow. 

Whilst on the subject of detecting, I am sure that many of you will have read this news of the discovery of a £1 million coin in Nottinghamshire in September.

And there was great excitement in the detecting fraternity when the coin turned up for sale at auction this week. The forums were buzzing in anticipation of the sale of the coin which the auctioneers had conservatively estimated at £20,000 - £25,000. Somewhat less than the £1m quoted by The Daily Mail.

And if you think that was an anticlimax - the price realised fell way short at just over £5,000. So, perhaps, when you read in The Daily Mail that a million immigrants have overrun the country you may discover that the true figure is closer to 5,000.

I'll finish today with a YouTube video. You may well have already seen this but an old colleague posted it on Facebook and said that it made him laugh so I had to check it out - and yes it made me laugh too.