Friday, 5 December 2014

A St Andrews Photo Album

We're back at the caravan in St Andrews which usually means a dearth of WIFI and lack of Twitter, Facebook and anything digital for a few weeks. But, wonder of wonders, we find the WIFI working - maybe because the caravan site appears to be occupied at the moment by just a few rabbits, owls, squirrels, deer ... and us. The signal wasn't good enough to watch Liverpool on BT Sport on Monday night - I spent a frustrating ninety minutes watching as promising Liverpool moves were suddenly replaced by a revolving circle which eventually disappeared to show that the score had changed. Never mind, at least I've managed to upload a few photos to share with you.

We always smile as we head through the Scottish borders and pass through Rochester. As we visit its Kent namesake frequently Marion thought we should take a photo to show to our family in UKIP land.

No this is not a satellite picture of the North Atlantic, it's the car windscreen when we woke up on Wednesday morning - perfect caravanning weather. Thank heavens for central heating. But the clear skies that brought us our first frost of the winter have also made St Andrews look particularly fabulous this week. 

On Wednesday we strolled through some of the older university quads. Anyone interested in historic buildings could spend hours exploring the town's nooks and crannies.

We've done a bit of babysitting and it's been nice to get to know our youngest granddaughter Melody again.

As she keeps telling us, Rose is a big girl now. She goes to nursery but when she's at home she loves nothing more than building stuff with her Duplo.

I must have taken photos from this point dozens of times but the scene changes on every visit. Today was one of those days when the sea was calm and the light was just perfect.

Here's Marion by the famous pier.

 The harbour was as calm as a millpond.

 And the sky really was this colour

 The view from the top of the tower would have been marvellous but after a fitness workout we didn't think our knees would be up to it.

 It's not quite on a par with Framlingham's or Rochester's castles but St Andrews castle is in a glorious location which belies its fairly gruesome history.

The harbour again. Next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK I always feel that this unspoilt and undeveloped harbour's potential is totally unrealised.

We're hoping that the weather stays like this for the rest of our stay. Who knows I might even be tempted to get the bike out of storage.

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