Monday, 7 July 2014

Can It Really Be Three Years?

It seems like only yesterday that we had a phone call from Duncan to tell us we were grandparents for the first time. It was early in the morning and, as the baby was not due for another week or so, we had no inkling that she would be arriving so soon. I had promised to pick my mum up from Liverpool Airport that afternoon so we couldn't drop everything and head to Scotland immediately so, by the time we left home, we were in danger of missing visiting time. Fortunately, the roads were clear and we managed to fly up the motorway and arrive in Dundee with five minutes to spare and, somehow, maintain our unblemished driving licences.

How things change in three years! We spent 6th July helping Sarah and Duncan to give their little Rose a lovely birthday party. It was themed on Pirates and Fairies (Rose is hooked on these Disney characters) and the guests made a real effort so we had a garden full of Tinkerbells and Captain Hooks. All the fairies including Marion were girls and all the pirates including Duncan and me were boys so there was no groundbreaking swapping of gender stereotypes. Sarah baked a very pretty cake and arranged lots of games including a treasure hunt, painting and pinning a parrot on the pirate. Apart from a brief shower (for which Duncan had sensibly taken the precaution of borrowing a number of gazebos) the weather was kind and a lot of happy little kids, including the birthday girl, had a super afternoon.

Rose was a purple fairy.

Melody was a blue one.

Marion was a multi-coloured one.

We've had a week of continuing poor WIFI cover at the caravan. Caravan Connect advise us that our site is at the extremity of the park so we are basically getting what's left of the signal by the time everyone else has used it. It's so poor that downloading the Archer's Omnibus which usually takes a minute or two has taken almost an hour (and several reboots). At least service is normal with the radio and TV. I loved Lily Allen's Desert Island Discs. I'm not very familiar with her music but her desert island choices were right up my street and I think sales of this one are going to rocket.