Sunday, 27 July 2014

Almost Too Many Finds

When we lived up North the local archaeologist and Finds Liaison Officer or FLO allowed me to record my metal detecting finds on the Government's Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) database. However, down here in Suffolk they have a different policy and the archaeologists like to make all the recordings themselves. I can understand their reasoning - amateurs like me have a tendency to get things wrong sometimes - but at the same time, after getting out in the fields for a few more hours this week they are going to have their work cut out to record this lot when I take it into Bury St Edmunds.

These were the one hundred and seventy bits of metal I tipped out of  the bag after the last two outings. Most of it was rubbish but there were also some really interesting finds. Photos follow.

An Edward III penny of the "Florin" type from around 1343

A Henry VI annulet issue groat minted in Calais c 1422- 1427 Sadly badly cracked by the plough.

A Henry III silver penny minted in Newcastle c1248-1250

A Medieval cut quarter penny. Virtually impossible to identify. I also found two Elizabethan pennies.

Coins were just a few of the finds. Here are some of the artefacts that turned up.

This button from around 1800 doesn't look much but the inscription is for Framlingham Loyal Volunteers. Here's what I found out about them.

And here are some more interesting bits and pieces.
A Tudor/Stuart Period Clothes Fastener
A Medieval Buckle

A Medieval Buckle Plate

A Late Medieval/ Post Medieval Thimble

A Medieval Buckle Fragment 
18/19th C Clog Clasp

A Lead Loom Or Spindle Weight
Small Lead Pieces Possibly Gaming Counters Or Coin Weights

Copper Alloy Fragment. Hand carved with Gothic script letters on both sides - possible Medieval annular brooch fragment.
I could go on but will finish today with these - I think that Andrew, the local FLO is going to be busy.