Monday, 28 April 2014

More Treasure

I went out with the detector again yesterday. I've been putting a few hours of detecting in as the farmer is going to be planting the field soon and it will be out of bounds until harvest. This is what I tipped out of the finds bag when I got home. Again it doesn't look very spectacular.

But once all of the shooting detritus........

...and fifteen or so buttons were removed. I was left with some quite interesting stuff. I'm really interested in the stuff I find and don't just chuck what looks like junk into the bin.

I'm sure that many would throw this lead fragment away but I think that it is a lead window came from the post medieval period. This would have been used to hold glass window panes and is perhaps a sign of habitation of the field at some stage.

Here's another tiny lead fragment with what appears to be medieval script on it. I'm unsure of what this is - perhaps a cloth seal fragment - the archaeologist will no doubt know.

I think that this stud is from around the 1600's and would have probably decorated some leatherwork.

Then we come to the treasure.Don't laugh but this is silver and part of an inscribed Medieval Annular brooch. It's a tiny fragment of less than a quarter of the brooch. I can make out the letters SEX (typical) on one side but rather than the brooch belonging to a medieval pervert I imagine that the letters were part of a Latin inscription.

This is the sort of object that it was once part of.

There were plenty more bits and pieces like this old tap. It's not ancient but it's an interesting  example.

Finally my favourite find of the day. I found this just as I was planning to head back home. It's a Sovereign Penny from the reign of Henry VIII minted in Durham c 1540. If you look closely you can see Henry sitting on his throne. It's a nice and interesting coin - a good end to a fascinating day.