Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Welcome Visitor

My mum's staying with us this week so we've taken advantage of the fine weather and done a bit of sightseeing. On Monday we headed towards Bury St Edmunds and had a look around Ickworth, the National Trust's showpiece Suffolk property. It was our first visit to the house and we were very impressed. 

Although Mum is very sprightly for 88, walking around the grounds would have been a bit too much for her so it was good when a bloke pulled up alongside us in a motorised trailer and offered to give us a quick tour. He drove us through the parkland and then dropped us back right at the car - excellent service.

And speaking of excellent service, I must mention Luke of Framlingham Greengrocers. When we went into the shop for the first time since getting back from Scotland he told us that he had charged us for the previous customer's grapes about three weeks earlier and insisted on refunding us. We buy almost all of our fruit and veg in his shop and his prices are so reasonable that we hadn't even noticed the overcharging - thanks for your honesty and the complementary bananas Luke.

Mum treated us to a very good meal at The Crown on Monday evening. Marion had a lovely truffle macaroni cheese and my liver starter and pork chop main course were delicious. Mum and Marion both said that soup was perfect and Mum's fish and chips were good too although the portion would easily have served three. 

It's a pity Mum didn't arrive in time to have a look at the Framlingham Show. It was another good show this year with plenty of different things to look at. We heard a talk on wine tasting and a talk on antiques. We missed the sheep racing but were very impressed with the prize specimens on display. Today it's time for a bit more Suffolk sightseeing for Mum before we take her down to see the family in Rochester and then on to Gatwick where she's jetting off to see my sister in Spain.