Monday, 17 February 2014

Wet Wet Wet

I grumbled about the weather on Friday and there was no let up by the time we were due to head to the excellent Crown for our Valentine's day meal. I phoned around for taxis but couldn't find one available at short notice - so we walked. I arrived at the hotel dry from the waist up thanks to a waterproof coat but with legs wringing wet. I stood by the fire doing my best Vic Reeves leg rubbing impression before heading into the restaurant. We had a very pleasant evening. We chose the "indulgence" menu. Unfortunately with our shrunken appetites since dieting, it was a case of the "over indulgence" menu for us and we were unable to manage all that was offered (the second of two puddings was a step way too far).

I said that there was no hope of Framlingham Town's cup game against Ipswich Valley Rangers being played but my neighbour Bernard's management of the pitch was so good that the surface was playable. The weather ranged from hurricane to calm but at half time the heavens opened with a vengeance and the stand was no shelter from the driving wind so another soaking ensued. The young Framlingham team put on a spirited display against a more experienced Ipswich side and went ahead early in the second half with a well taken goal from Danny Smith who, at sixteen, looks to be a great prospect. I was impressed by the team spirit with Matt Aldis and Boardsley catching my eye. Sadly the lead was short lived when the Rangers equalised with a penalty (above) and the game was over when a freak free kick from the touchline was tipped by the keeper into his net. It was an unlucky end to The Castlemen's cup run and I felt that they were well worth a draw. They all deserved a medal for playing in the conditions.

On Saturday night we headed up to the college for a concert organised by Spice Of Life. It was billed as Modest Ike and Polly Gibbons but the star of the show was Polly's pianist James Pearson (hope he doesn't mind me using his photo from his website). He is the Artistic Director at Ronnie Scott's and he was absolutely tremendous. Polly Gibbons entertained us with some great jazz numbers and Modest Ike and his band were amazing musicians although I have to be honest and say that whilst I appreciated their talent I wasn't very keen on the songs.

Yesterday we headed to Suffolk Showground for another antique fair. It was much smaller than the one we went to in Norfolk but there were some nice bits and pieces. I bought a couple of bits but I don't think I've uncovered any treasure.

Today we're off to spend some of our Tesco club card points at Pizza Express. At four times the points value it's a great offer and Pizza Express do some low cal meals so we won't over do it. After that it's Her at Cineworld. Looking forward to it.

I hope it's more upbeat than the BBC's Call The Midwife. Marion enjoys this but I have to admit to only half watching it whilst being distracted by Twitter or something else on the laptop. Last Sunday Marion was in floods of tears over a tragic death in the show and this week the tears returned with a storyline about a disabled couple, she with Downs syndrome and he with cerebral palsy. I don't know about you but I don't want television to make me cry. Please lighten up Beeb. Let's have more laughs like that absolutely brilliant Inside Number Nine (below). Last week's episode A Quiet Night In had us both in fits.

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