Friday, 14 February 2014

Say It With Showers

I was going to walk down with Marion to The Dancing Goat this afternoon for a coffee and a cake. We've been there a lot lately as we find it very cosy and the coffee's very good too.But I'm afraid that, even the thought of The Dancing Goat's delicious home made cakes and their new wood burner couldn't get me out of the house this afternoon. I'm as upbeat and optimistic a person as you could ever meet and I know that most of the country is in the same boat (no pun intended) but even I am running out of positive spin to put on the situation other than "at least we're not flooded".  We've got dinner booked at The Crown for Valentine's night so we'll have to go out later but instead of a nice dress I think that Marion will be kitted out in wellies and a sou'wester. 

For a (rather unusual) Valentine's gift I bought Marion this lovely little driftwood art sculpture of the owl and the pussycat from Theatre antiques in Framlingham. It's a delightful little item and both owl and puss are beautifully painted and full of character. I've been trying to work out who the artist is but despite manipulating in photoshop (see below) I haven't been able to decipher it.

If you can read it please get in touch as I would love to see other work by the artist.

I also bought two tickets to see King Lear at The National Theatre as another Valentine gift. Now if you know how much I love King Lear you will appreciate what a selfless and loving gift this is.

Once the weekend is over it's going to be all systems go in preparation for seeing our Scottish granddaughters. This new buggy arrived from Amazon yesterday along with various other baby and toddler necessities. We're meeting Sarah in London on Thursday and staying with her to babysit while she completes her Baby And Toddler Yoga instructors' course  in Brixton. She's then going to join us and see Framlingham for the first time so we're looking forward to showing her around - Marion's on Amazon now looking for a canoe.

I had planned to go and watch the big match here in Framlingham tomorrow.It's the quarter final of the Bob Coleman Cup and the Castlemen are playing Ipswich Valley Rangers. I somehow doubt that the match will be on. My neighbour Bernard keeps the pitch in fantastic condition but I somehow doubt that even he could pull this one off.