Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Week Up North

I said that it was going to be hectic when I last blogged and I wasn't wrong.

We drove up to Southport on Saturday and spent a nice evening with my mum, my brother and his wife Val.

On Sunday we went to Liverpool where Dave Haworth, who worked with me in Barclays many moons ago and has been a firm friend ever since, had arranged a private lunch at popular restaurant 60 Hope St (above) to celebrate his 60th birthday. It was a fabulous lunch, with excellent food,great service and lovely company and it was extremely generous of Dave and his family to cater for such a big group of people.

From Liverpool it was back to Southport for a quiet night in front of the telly watching Sherlock (after waiting two years I can't believe it's over already) before heading to St Andrews at 6.30 in the morning to do a spot of babysitting for Sarah.

Sarah is the only Birthlight™ trained Baby Yoga instructor in East Fife and has just started her business Warm Hearts Yoga Babies running yoga classes for parents and babies. At the moment she's holding classes in St Andrews but if it takes off (and everyone seems to love the classes) she hopes to expand further afield within the East Neuk of Fife. It's a pity that we aren't always on hand to look after Rose while Sarah is taking her classes but that's one of the perils of today's lifestyle - so many families are spread across the country (or even the world). In February she's taking a further course which will qualify her to do yoga with older toddlers and enable her to expand the sessions that she can offer. Check out her website here.

We've loved seeing our granddaughters Rose and Melody. Yesterday Rose went to the hairdressers for the very first time. She quite loved all the attention and made no fuss at all as the stylist trimmed back her curls. 

Melody is growing too and it's good that we've had this opportunity to see her again before the caravan site closes for its annual February shutdown. Next time we're in St Andrews in March she will have changed massively.

As for the caravan. I worried that we might have some bad winter weather but it's been unseasonably mild and, although it hasn't been sunny like this very much, we've managed not to freeze.