Tuesday, 7 January 2014

88 Today

Well it's tomorrow to be precise but I don't think that my mum will be looking at this blog this evening and I'm off out early in the morning so Happy Birthday Mum. Not too many people make it into their 89th year looking such a picture of good health and I'm very hopeful that I'll be saying something similar ten years into the future (if I'm still around to say it). We're always reading about how life expectancy is going up and up but when I look around I sometimes wonder whether those living well into their eighties and nineties have much quality in their lives. I'm glad to say that Mum is truly an exception to this. She's kept herself active with her laptop and iPad and always keeps up to date in her fashion sense without needing to dress like an OAP. Although she no longer drives she enjoys going out and about with her friends and I hope that her good health continues for years to come. We're going to see her at the weekend and look forward to finally showing her the delights of Suffolk in the spring.

I've had no contact with Instanta at all since we retired although I've kept up to date with what some of our old colleagues have been up to on Facebook, been to a few birthday parties and met up with Sales Director Nick (above) a couple of times when he's been working in the area. I knew that Nick was leaving but his departure was brought sharply into focus today when Paul from our old adversary Calomax sent me a press interview with his successor. Marion and I shared some very enjoyable times with Nick when we worked on exhibitions together in places as diverse as Birmingham and Dubai. He put in many many long hours and travelled thousands of miles in the years that he worked for us and his efforts greatly contributed to my writing Notes From Retirement today instead of Notes From the Office. We hope that he has a very happy and successful future career. 

His successor is Graham Crisp. We wish him and his new colleagues every success.