Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lettin' The Good Times Roll

It's been quite a musical couple of days as we headed down to the Lemon Tree Bistro on Friday evening for one of their regular Jazz Nights. We were entertained by the excellent Frank Noble Band who performed non stop for over two hours and included a rendition of Ain't No Sunshine that would have done Bill Withers proud. There was a good choice of tapas on the menu to accompany a decent wine list and we had a great evening. We're looking forward to the next event in December. There were some empty seats on Friday and that's a pity as it was an excellent night.

Saturday was quiet but on Sunday we headed down to London. We decided that our winter wardrobes were in need of an update so we spent the day in Selfridges where they've got a fantastic selection of menswear on offer. I'm doing my best to shop local and support Framlingham businesses but as there are no men's clothes shops in Framlingham I didn't feel guilty in splashing out in Oxford St.

I ended up with a mixed bag of trousers, shirts, knitwear and a nice leather jacket that should comfortably see me through the winter. Poor Marion was left with just a couple of hours on Monday after we had bought almost all of our Christmas presents although she did manage to find two lovely coats.

On Sunday night there was more music as we headed to The Palace in the West End for Roddy Doyle's The Commitments. It's not as good as the film as it's played for laughs compared to the original which also had elements of gritty drama. But the music is great and, as we had aisle seats in the stalls, we were able to join in when the lead singer came down amongst us, put his arm around Marion and handed us the mic for a quick chorus of "Ride Sally Ride" in Mustang Sally. It's in this second act that the show comes to life and turns into one big party - great fun.

Quite a few years ago I visited the Antiques Roadshow when it was being filmed in Clitheroe. Expert Lars Tharp was interested in my collection of Japanese Satsuma and it was a novelty at the time to find a collection bought on eBay. I was included in the show and in the interview Lars singled out this piece as very fine (it is) and valued it at £2,000. After we moved to Suffolk we decided to sell the collection as we had no room for it. We went along to Bonhams who, as you will know if you read earlier posts, sold it for some great prices.Two lots remained unsold and went into the November sale where one sold. This left us with just one unsold lot from the whole collection and we went into Bonhams to collect it yesterday. No need to guess which one was left unsold. Despite a reserve of under half Lars ' Roadshow estimate there were no takers. But on a positive note it's still a very fine piece of pottery and it won't take up a lot of room.