Thursday, 2 May 2013

Out And About In Suffolk

Although we would like nothing better than to stay at the house and use the garden that has been in the course of development for four months, we're still overrun with workers (electrician doing the lighting now) so we've no alternative but to get out from under their feet and do something else. Fortunately the weather has been glorious for a few days so it has been perfect for walking and, while Marion was having her hair done at Carley Hill the other day, I put on my boots and explored some of the local paths and bridleways. I particularly liked this view as our house is the white one bottom right and we're sharing the skyline with the magnificent castle top left. 

Yesterday the good weather continued and we drove out to Walberswick and did a walk recommended in one of the Suffolk magazines. Walberswick is a picturesque little place full of interesting buildings like this half timbered house.

And the fascinating church which is not a partial  ruin because of some tragedy or Henry VIII's dissolution but simply because the church became too big for the parish so they knocked some of it down and used the stone and windows to build a smaller church inside.

The result is very romantic and the (now tiny) church is a real treasure. (This is not my photo by the way but came from free image website Zippix).

The walk took us out of the village and along the banks of the river Blyth. It was a peaceful and easy stroll interrupted by only the calls of birds that flocked in their hundreds in the surrounding marshland and floated in the many lagoons, creeks and inlets - a birdwatcher's paradise. 

 The walk took us past this derelict place. It reminded us the house in The Blair Witch Project so we didn't hang around. I don't think even Sarah Beeny could do anything with this one.

The walk ended at the always excellent Anchor where we kept things local and enjoyed a crab salad. A great end to a lovely walk. 

Although as I said at the start we would have preferred to be able to be at home, this was a pretty perfect alternative.