Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Another Step Forward

When we moved in on January 17th we had nowhere to put all these boxes as the office hadn't arrived and, as the garden was unfinished, we couldn't put any of the outdoor furniture out so the garage was unusable. However, Tony told us on Friday that the back garden is finally finished ( a point slightly undermined by the fact that, as I write, he and his son are still drilling and screwing out there) and we were able to get cracking over the Bank Holiday weekend and clear the garage out.

Here's the result of our labours. For the first time we can walk around in there without risking life and limb. We managed to find a fair bit of stuff that we had forgotten about.

The furniture looks much better outside than in the garage.

We also found time to tidy out Marion's beach hut potting shed. It was finished inside in chipboard that looked really scruffy so decorator Gerald arranged for one of his subcontractors Mark to come and panel it with grooved MDF panels and we got local shop Bill Bustrode to fit some lino so it's starting to look quite comfortable for her. All she needs now is electricity and that will hopefully be in place this week.

When we got to the bottom of everything in the garage we found the stuff in the following photos. It all came with us from Southport but we've nowhere for it now. I asked the local antique dealer if he was interested (it's all Victorian). He was, but not at my (very reasonable and a lot less than what we paid) prices. So I think I'll have to put an ad in the local Co-Op. If anyone reading this is interested do get in touch.

Small Victorian Cast Iron Fire Surround

Victorian Wire Plant Stands

Old Oil Burner Converted To Lamp

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