Monday, 11 February 2013

Will It Never End?

I feel really sorry for Tony the landscape gardener. It's as if he's playing a game of snakes and ladders. The weather stops him from coming for almost a week and then it thaws and he gets a good five or six days of work under his belt and then we wake up today to this. It may look lovely but it's certainly delaying our progress and I can see the whole refurbishment stretching to almost nine months by the time we finish.

I was only thinking how well Tony was doing on Friday when I took these photos. You can't knock him for effort. He's arrived today and is cracking on despite the layer of snow.

We fancied a trip to the pictures yesterday and hoped to go to the Riverside in Woodbridge or the cinema in Aldeburgh but we'd seen the films that they were showing so we headed to Cineworld in Ipswich to watch "Flight". I messed up with the times and thought that the film started at 2.40. We got there punctually but discovered it was a 2.20 screening. Marion said it wasn't worth bothering but we went in to find the trailers still running. It makes you realise just how long the pre-film advertising runs for. Denzel Washington was excellent as the alcoholic pilot and the film is an entertaining couple of hours diversion although it slows down considerably after the opening in fight scenes. 

Before the film we headed to Ufford and joined the gym. It's nicely equipped, very friendly and not very posh so we should fit in okay. We're going to give it a try this morning if the roads are not too icy.

If you are in our address book you will have hopefully received our change of address card a day or two ago. We used to send ourselves up and I must thank Mark Palmer of Mark Palmer Photography here in Framlingham who entered into the spirit of things and announced himself as a paparazzo upon arrival. He took a lot of shots and we were absolutely delighted with the results. If we can ever get all the family together here in Framlingham a visit to Mark's studio will be a must.