Friday, 22 February 2013


It's been a week in which nothing much has happened. After last Friday when the house was packed with workers it was business as usual on Monday when, after a brief visit from decorator Gerald to finish off the shelves, we were left on our own with just landscape gardener Tony slogging away in the garden.

Marion has been under the weather with flu like symptoms for almost two weeks so we had some time indoors and,in a break from reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead (don't ask)  for the Framlingham book club, we watched the charming Japanese film I Wish kindly lent to us by Scott Pack of Meandmybigmouth fame (see links to his blogs over there one the right). This is  a beautiful little movie about two brothers whose parents have separated. One lives with his mum and the other with his dad. They go on an adventure with friends to a spot where they can meet up and watch the famous bullet trains pass - an event that they have been told has magical wish fulfilling qualities. It's a simple story beautifully told. Not quite a rites of passage movie (the children are pre-teen) it has an innocence that probably wouldn't work with English or American kids. Try and seek it out if you can. 

We managed to venture out on Wednesday and the weather held up for us to go on a walk around the surrounding countryside. We walked with a group who get together monthly for an easy ramble and it was a gentle way for Marion to get a bit of exercise after being out of action for so long. 

Yesterday we had a look at some other local villages and drove to Orford where we saw the imposing castle, bought some excellent local smoked food from the famous Pinney's Smokehouse and enjoyed a fine snack at the Pump St Bakery. It's quite amazing that a tiny place like Orford can have at least three first class attractions like this and I'm quite sure that the local village shop and pubs would also be worthy of a mention if we had tried them. On the way home we had a look at the Maltings at Snape and are sure that it will become a regular place to take visitors when we have some.

As for the progress I referred to in my heading, Tony the landscaper has made great progress with the base for the decking as you can see from the photos above. In addition the men from Anson Timberworks came today and delivered Marion's beach hut style potting shed. It should be erected by Monday and the garden office should be complete by this time next week - at last.