Tuesday, 2 October 2012

On The Road Again- Again

I think I've used "On The Road Again" as a title before which is hardly surprising considering the amount of time we've spent in the Prius in the last three months. This time it's another flying visit leaving St Andrews in the early hours of tomorrow morning and aiming to be back in the early hours of Friday.

We're seeing the builder to check on progress at the house in Framlingham. I'm hoping that the garden office will be built although it won't be finished for a few more days and I'll be interested to see how the space for the sliding doors is progressing and how things are going with the bathrooms. We'll be seeing the interior designer and the kitchen designer on Thursday and hope to finalise a lot more of the interior details. Next week the new wooden windows are being fitted throughout the house. This is a major part of the project costing around 15% of the full budget and we can't wait to see the results. the only problem is that seeing those results will entail another 1,000 mile drive and we don't fancy that prospect next week so will have to rely upon others to check the work out for us. 

One of the benefits of retirement is being able to plan your leisure activities around the weather forecast instead of being stuck with what the weekends throw at us so I took full advantage of a fine forecast for yesterday and spent the day out with the detector again. I visited the field where I found the small gold fragment last week and went with high hopes and a pile of small grip seal bags in anticipation of all the finds. The field is due to be planted again soon so I don't have much time to search it again this year.

I had a wonderful day with beautiful crisp autumn weather and had plenty of exercise criss crossing the field for more than six hours. Sadly no more gold appeared and this was the contents of my finds bag when I finished. It wasn't a totally barren day and I was happy with the following bits and pieces.

Not Quite Sure What This Is May Just Be A Bit Of A Buckle

Very Early Button

Medieval Silver Penny

It's Edward I Minted in York
I never consider it a wasted day if I find one of these ancient coins. They aren't valuable but they are tiny and it was over seven hundred years ago that someone managed to lose this.

I did my bit for the environment too and safely disposed of this assortment of bottle tops, tin cans, foil and other scraps.

Today I was given the wonderful job of baby sitting Rose for a couple of hours. We had a great time together. When Sarah got back Rose tried on her new hat and gloves in readiness for the Scottish winter.

Very stylish I'm sure you'll agree.