Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Framlingham Update

We got up at 5 a.m. and arrived safely in Framlingham at 2.45 p.m. today. We had arranged a meeting with the builder and architect to bring us up to date with progress.

The sun tunnels have brightened up a very gloomy landing and filled it with sunlight. This small dingy corridor was one of our major worries with the house and we're really pleased that we agreed to go with the Velux Tunnels. They are fitted with internal lights too so when the sun sets they can be used as straightforward lights but in this photo the electric lights are off.

The house is a lot smaller than our old one and I wanted some space to sit and write and also to keep my metal detecting stuff so we went for an office in the garden. The office from Finnish Log Homes is coming along very nicely and should be complete when we travel down south again in a couple of weeks.

The corner of the house has been removed to make way for the sliding folding doors and the builders are closing up a door and opening up a window to make way for a new window and French Doors which are due to arrive on 22 October.

They are making good progress on the kitchen diner too. It's going to be a lovely bright room. Tomorrow we've got a day with the interior designer and the kitchen designer and before we head back up the motorway to the caravan the interior design should be virtually finished. 

Next time we visit the property we're meeting a landscape designer to plan the garden.

It's unlikely that we will manage to move into the property this year but we hope that we will be settled in by the end of January. We'll have to as the caravan site closes in February for a month.