Wednesday, 26 September 2012

There's Gold In Them Hills

I managed my first day out detecting today since returning from our two weeks in Kent. Despite last night in the caravan making us appreciate how Noah must have felt shortly after settling into his ark, the weather was kind today and the sun even shone upon me towards the middle of the afternoon.

And it shone in more ways than one as I uncovered this small fragment.  Now I appreciate that to the non-detectorist reading this that it looks pretty insignificant but I think (and I must stress the word "think") that it could be an important find as I believe that it is possibly a piece of Bronze Age gold. I've checked out the Portable Antiquities Scheme database and the size looks right to fit in with other Bronze Age gold rings although most of those on the database are almost a full circle. They are often classed as ring money and are not big enough to be finger rings.

Here's another view with a silver threepence that turned up nearby.

I really enjoyed the day. I dug up plenty of bits and pieces as well as the threepence and the gold; there were a couple of fragments that I think are partial medieval buckles, a few Russian lead bag seals, and my first ever medieval heraldic harness pendant. There's a small bronze ring too but these are so difficult to date that I'll ask the museum to give an opinion when I take the gold in on Friday.

These medieval pendants are often found with colourful enameled coats of arms but there are no traces of enamel or gilding on this one although there is a pattern of squares faintly visible. I'm off to see the farmer and his family tomorrow night to show them the finds including the three hammered coins I found a few weeks ago and I'm hoping to find which other fields I can try my luck in although, despite spending four sessions on this field, I still feel that I've barely scratched the surface as it is enormous and it could be well worth another few visits before he plants it again.

While I was out Marion had the chance to see Sarah and Rose. It's hard to believe how quickly Rose is growing up. I'm looking after her tomorrow while Sarah takes Marion to a beauty treatment she's booked for her and then on Friday we're off to Edinburgh to take the finds to the museum and hopefully go to the pictures.