Thursday, 13 September 2012

Progress In Framlingham

We've been back to Suffolk today. We had a meeting with our interior designer Jemima this morning at her studio in Woodbridge. Everything went very well and we agreed upon some great choices for the tiling of the bathrooms and styling of the bedroom and dressing room. 

We then headed up to Framlingham to see how things are actually progressing with the house and had a meeting with builder Roger and architect Keith. Things are moving very quickly and Roger was pushing us hard for the interior designs; we felt a bit pressurised but can't rush Jemima as we can only see her when we travel down south and can't expect miracles from her.

Here's some of the progress we saw today.

This was the original kitchen and dining room space.

This is how it looks now with the walls between the kitchen and utility room and kitchen and dining room removed. It's a very big room.

This was how the site for my garden writing office looked originally.

And here's how it is today with hedges removed and the building of the base in progress.

Here's how things are progressing with the en suite bathroom.

So, as you can see, things have certainly not stood still in the four weeks since we last visited the house. Now that we have chosen a kitchen, ordered all of the bathroom fixtures and fittings and settled upon tiling designs and colour schemes we can hope that things will now progress without too much need for our visits. Obviously we'll be keeping an eye on progress but maybe things will be a bit easier for us. 

We've got a relaxing weekend to look forward to now although nothing seems to run smoothly at the moment as friends we were planning to visit in Wales may not be able to make it for reasons beyond their control and we may have a wasted journey and return down south.