Friday, 20 January 2012

Living On A Ghost Site

As I looked out of the caravan window on this cold but sunny day I was struck by a sense of isolation. Okay we are only a mile up the road from the lively little city of St Andrews but here at Craigtoun Meadows we are completely alone. It's not that our caravan is standing on its own in the middle of a field; it is a permanent site and we are surrounded by dozens of similar caravans; but nobody else has braved the Scottish winter to hunker down like us in the comfort of their double glazed and central heated holiday homes and tonight we'll be listening for things that go bump in the night. I imagine it would make a great setting for a crime or horror novel: the dark woods, the wind in the trees, the hoot of an owl on a foraging expedition. It's getting dark now. Marion has just stepped outside..........Marion.............Marion!!! 

What was that? 

Oh she was just putting the rubbish out.

We've had a great day in the company of Sarah and our granddaughter Rose who is growing up so quickly. She's over six months old now and changing every day. It's fascinating watching her discovering real food after six months of breast feeding. Today she tried pasta, tuna, cream cheese, cucumber and pepper. Some of that would have left me with severe indigestion but she seemed to love it and ate very well. 

Just a short blog today as we're off to the chippy in a few minutes to treat ourselves to some fish and chips. It's one small luxury that we always start our stays here with. I know that fish and chips are not a luxury but eating them is certainly a luxury if you eat as healthily as we normally do.