Monday, 9 January 2012

Let's Be Honest

Last night's Sherlock was a bit rubbish really wasn't it? Before you start to fling things in my direction and make your troll comments at the bottom of the page, ask yourself did you enjoy it? Really? Did you really enjoy it? Okay so Benedict Cumberbatch makes a cool Sherlock and some bits of the show are great fun. I love the way that he can deduct that a character has just come back from playing squash with a left handed pigmy with a club foot and eczema - those bits of the drama are great. But last night's story was really tedious. A hallucinatory aerosol created fog, a top secret army base that Holmes enters with a fake pass while Watson doesn't even have to wind his car window down! I'm sorry but I was bored rigid. Last week's episode was entertaining and I hope that next week's is too but I suppose I'm swimming against the tide here as Sherlock is virtually untouchable.

A bit like The Killing. Or should I say The Killing 2. The original series was fabulous and deserves every plaudit that it got. Dark, tense, gloomy, suspenseful it was drama with a capital D. But series 2 had very little of what made series 1 so good apart from the magnificent Sofie Grabol who held things together sufficiently for us to stick with the whole series despite a plot with more holes in it than a pair of Frank Gallagher's socks. Last night we watched the new must see Danish series Borgen. To be honest I enjoyed it very much and I'll be back next week but sometimes I wonder how many programmes are as fabulous as everybody says and how many people say they like stuff for fear of going against the flow.

This week we're off to FACT to see The Artist. Despite dozens of five star reviews and award nominations, our local Vue does not see it as commercially viable enough to show in their Southport multiplex. I asked the manager and he said it's highly unlikely to be shown here which gives us a great excuse to visit FACT which is our favourite cinema. They're also showing Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore which is a classic from the past that we've never got around to seeing so we'll make a day of it and take in both films and a bite to eat.

I suppose I shouldn't moan too much about Sherlock. This is what they're showing on Brazilian telly.

Its been a while since I posted a YouTube video on here but, like the proverbial bus, here's another one right behind. I wonder if this will be Marion with Rose in fifteen years.