Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ten Minutes Of Glory

If you've read this blog recently you will know that I went for an audition for the BBC's Antiques Master show on Monday. I wasn't convinced that I had done brilliantly but on Friday evening I was delighted when Dylan, one of the BBC's producers, phoned me to say that I had been chosen to appear on the show and that I would be specialising on my favourite Japanese Satsuma ceramics. Filming is due to take place in the third week of March at the beautiful Townley Hall in Burnley where I spent a week last May as a stand in contestant hoping that a missed train or a motorway jam would give me my five minutes of fame. The nearest I got was a breast feeding mum who thought that her baby wouldn't last through the filming without a feed.

Our son Paul works in television and I explained to Dylan that, since my audition on Monday, Paul had been successful in being offered a job at the BBC and I wanted to flag this up to ensure that there would be no conflict or problems. "When does he start?" asked Dylan. "14th March" I said. "Let me get back to you" says Dylan. Ten minutes later Dylan is back on the phone and my moment of glory is over. As a family member of a BBC employee I can't take part. Talk about rotten timing! Never mind. I'm absolutely thrilled for Paul that he will be developing shows for the BBC - his career is far more important than my bit of fun - but with him at the Beeb and his wife Josephine at ITV my chances of any appearances are now pretty limited. Are there any antiques shows on Four or Five?

We're just back from St Andrews where we were visiting our daughter Sarah and her partner Duncan. As you can see, Sarah's pregnancy is going well and she is blooming. We can't wait to be grandparents and hope that we will be back in Scotland again a few more times before the happy event.

And when we do go back we will certainly return to the wonderful Old Course Hotel. Located, as the name suggests, right on the famous Old Course that is the home of golf, the hotel has mastered the art of customer service to a tee. Every member of the Old Course staff treats the guests in a friendly manner which makes the hotel stand out as you are made to feel at home from the moment that the concierge opens your car door on arrival to the minute you leave. This welcoming attitude is reflected in great little extra touches like these complimentary glasses of champagne and canapes that arrived at our room one evening. We've stayed at some grand places in our lives and found them intimidating and snooty - atmospheres that are often linked to golfing and golf clubs - but, even though this five star hotel caters for VIP guests, it is neither snooty nor intimidating and I strongly recommend it.