Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Signing Our Lives Away

We're off to Manchester today. We're going to see Mogadishu at the Royal Exchange Theatre and then having a bite to eat at San Carlo's Cicchetti restaurant. But that's not the main purpose of our visit to Manchester. We're going to sign our wills at our solicitors down the road in Bramhall tomorrow so that everything is in order for Sarah and Paul when we go - not that we're planning on an early departure.

But more importantly for us, we're also signing lasting powers of attorney which will let the kids run our affairs for us in the event of our being unable to do so. I know that at 57 it sounds a bit young to be signing and registering these deeds but I don't want the children to find me living on cat food and convinced that I'm Prince Charles one day in the future and them having to agonise about how to sort things out. They will be able to take full control of my affairs and do things in my best interest. It's not something that you tend to think about when you are fully compos mentis but I guarantee that you won't be thinking about it at all when you're putting your dinner in the tumble dryer and microwaving your pants.

I'm glad that we're preparing these documents now as, as you can see, Sarah's bump is starting to show and, as excited prospective grandparents, we will hopefully have plenty more on our minds in five months' time. We have made an allowance in our wills for the bump and any future bumps. It sounds like a reasonable sum now but if there's a lot of inflation and we hang around for a long time it might look like a pittance so we've asked the solicitor to index link it.

As we're in the Manchester area tomorrow we'll head back home via The Trafford Centre. I usually refer to it as "hell on earth" but it's got a huge Odeon and we'll be able to use our Orange Wednesday ticket and go and see either The Fighter or Biutiful as we won't be back in Southport early enough. The critics views are mixed but generally positive so I don't mind which we see - whichever time fits best.

I've been catching up on popular Youtube videos after a few busy days away from the computer. I love great advertising and, if you haven't already seen them, these two from VW are examples of the very best.