Friday, 28 January 2011

A Dead Garden And An Afternoon Of Perfection

It's been a beautiful day here in Southport today and it gave Marion a couple of free hours to check over the garden for the first time since the snow. There was a huge disappointment in store for her as she discovered that shrubs and bushes that she had been cultivating for ten or more years had found the snow too much and given up the ghost. Tree branches had snapped from the weight of the snowfall and it looks like we'll have to get a man in to perform major tree surgery. On a positive note a rosemary bush that was beyond rescue has cut been up to add to the fire which should give the lounge a fragrant aroma tonight.

I had a customer satisfaction survey to complete from Liverpool FC today. I thought that this might be a  initiative from the new owners but it appears to be from a department set up by the last lot. I'm always willing to respond to surveys especially in areas that affect me but, after reading my responses I don't think they will be asking me again. Amongst the survey were questions on the catering. I can only speak from my experiences on the kop but, after working in the catering industry for over twenty years, the use of the words "catering" and "kop" in the same sentence is something of a joke.

We've been out most of the afternoons this week so we're having a big catch up on our daughter in law Josephine's Perfection on the Sky Plus. Here she is on the set of the show that she created. Although the game looks very simple on the face of it, Marion and I have failed to get a perfect score in the end game once so far (and we've watched a lot of episodes today) so if we were to be contestants (which we obviously can't be) the BBC would be sure to save its money. If you haven't seen Perfection yet, set the Sky Plus for BBC2 at 4.30pm every weekday and play along. It's a great game show.

People have asked me why I do this every day. I don't have a massive readership and it takes up a fair bit of time. The reason is that I want to be a writer and I want to get into the habit of writing something every day. I wrote a novel (unpublished) in 2009 and want to write another after I've taken a creative writing course. If anybody reading this can recommend a good part time course, I'd be very grateful.

Meanwhile others have asked me how I am doing recovering from my new hip.I'm walking completely without crutches now. My gait is still not perfect. It's a bit like this.