Saturday, 29 September 2018

Officially Old

Although I've been retired for a few years now, I've never thought of myself as old. Not, that is, until today when I got a letter from the Department Of Works And Pensions (not a telegram from the queen thank goodness) confirming my Old Age Pension (it's not a lot is it?). Oh well, they say sixty five is the new forty five (or at least that's what I'm telling everyone) and I hope to be celebrating a fair few more birthdays before shuffling off this mortal coil.

Our Lovely Neighbours David And Valerie

There were celebrations of another kind recently when our friends, neighbours and fellow members of our quiz team (the aptly named Derek and the Dumbinoes) celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. They invited us to a lovely celebration lunch at the local bowling club. Congratulations to them both.

On the way home from the party I noticed that there was an antiques fair winding down in nearby St Michael's Rooms. Never one to walk past a bargain I had a quick look around and was surprised to see that there were some very nice bits and pieces on offer.

My inner eBay bug got to me and I couldn't help buying this lovely Japanese Satsuma Dragon Vase for £35. I managed to sell it at a very good price on eBay and it's now on its way to Australia where I hope the buyer is happy with it.

Having caught the antiques bug again, I was unable to resist a visit to Theatre Antiques here in Framlingham and was very pleased to spot these super Caughley porcelain pieces from about 1790 for another bargain price. They're now on the way to Bratislava (a first for me).

Now on a roll with the antiques bug I picked up this superb Masons Ironstone China dessert plate from Yoxford at another low price. Sadly this was not as low as I thought and it sold on eBay for a loss after fees and postage. Maybe I'll stick to writing and metal detecting.

We went through Yoxford as we were on our way to Southwold for an evening hosted by Barclays. We were invited to tours of the Adnams Brewery and the Swan Hotel. It was a great event with lovely food and drink on offer. Being the designated driver for the evening I had to stick to non alcoholic drinks but the Ghost Ship alcohol free bitter was great and Marion tells me that the wines were good too.

The brewery tour was fascinating and informative.

And the views form the brewery offices were amazing.

This week we welcomed dear friends Dave and Jane Haworth who came to visit and helped me to celebrate my birthday early by treating us to a super dinner at The Station.

We've known each other for almost forty years now and always love having them around. I'll get the hang of the art of the selfie one day.

Although the weather cooled a little, it was kind enough for us to get out and about and we had a good short walk around Fram and a longer one from Walberswick to Dunwich.

Two best friends.

We enjoyed breakfast at our regular haunt (The Dancing Goat) and even had a bit of traditional entertainment.

Next week we're taking my mum to Scotland for a week in the caravan. My sister Julie sent me this recent picture of Mum.

Hmm. She's still doing her modelling at 92. Not sure what she's modelling for in this one though.

And of course, as the harvest is in, I've managed to do a bit of detecting. My favourite field is still growing sugar beet so I've had to try a few others. Here's the best of what has turned up in the last couple of weeks.

Medieval penny
Another one
Medieval harness pendant
Silver cufflink celebrating the wedding of Charles II and Catherine Of Braganza
Georgian toy watch
Bit of a mystery object but I think it's a book mount c1650-1750
Henry VIII sovereign penny

Post Medieval barrel spout

James I penny cut into a pendant

Medieval half penny
Groat. Edward VI (I think)

John Capon Framlingham Grocer trade token 1655. Castle on reverse.

Victorian fourpence.
Unidentified medieval coin

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