Saturday, 14 July 2018

We Sang It Loud We Sang It Clear

Donald Trump's Not Welcome Here

That was one of the themes of the wonderful anti-Trump demonstration we joined in London yesterday. The crowd was phenomenal, good humoured and extremely well behaved. 

We caught the train from Ipswich along with many others. It was a glorious day so we walked the four miles from Liverpool St and enjoyed many of London's sights and a quick snack in a lovely Waterstone's cafe before meeting up with the marchers in Portman Square.


Although I (not Marion I hasten to add) am a paid up member of the Lib Dems, we can in no way be described as political activists but we both felt sufficiently motivated to show that we hate everything that Trump stands for and ,hopefully, make him aware that we won't stand for his ugly and divisive politics by attending our first demo ever. 

I've seen reports putting the crowd at 75,000. I've been in football crowds of 100,000 and I'm absolutely certain that the numbers were almost double that.

Here are a few photos from the day and some of the banners and placards that caught my eye.

One of the many fart references

Donning my Suffolk League Of Angry Women T-Shirt 

Donald Lookalike

Yoda's view

Short and to the point

My view entirely

Pussy messages aplenty

A very English and polite message
My personal favourite

A rare selfie

She really isn't nasty you know

Not an official placard but it made me smile

Short but sweet

Sure there were only 75,000

A memorable day. Our first demo but, in the current political climate, unlikely to be our last.
And we wake up today to be branded by the Mail as part of a "rent-a-Leftie mob." I'm no fan of Corbyn and am more of a centrist than left wing. To call this a "mob" is a disgrace. I know at least one Antiques Roadshow expert was there (one of the most genteel and polite people you could meet). To describe them as rent-a-leftie beggars belief. No wonder the country's in a mess when rags like this pedal their bile.

In other news we were saddened to see England lose in the World Cup

But at least we had this wonderful view at half time to compensate.

I said in a recent blog that Marion's been hard at work in the garden. On days like today you can see the fruits of her labour.

Writers don't often mention their three star reviews but I was rather touched by this one. 

We've got an early start tomorrow as we're driving to Southport to bring my mum back to Suffolk for a few days break. The forecast is for 30 degree plus temperatures. Perfect for driving a 92 year old for four hours.

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