Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Postcard From Bequia

Like most postcards, this one is arriving after we've got back. We've just returned after twenty-two days away in beautiful Bequia (pronounced Beck-way). Never heard of it? Good; because it's the most beautiful and unspoilt place we've visited in the Caribbean. It's unlikely to stay that way as the people have to make a living and there's not much apart from fishing and tourism so we expect the inexorable rise in villa building to continue until it's no longer unspoilt. But, for the time being, I reckon there's another year or two before that happens so maybe we'll be back in 2019 to make the most of it. 

Here are my favourite photos from the trip.

Waiting at Gatwick

All aboard and ready to go to Barbados

The flight from Barbados to Bequia is a little different

Our view for two weeks

Tropical Hideaway's wonderful infinity pool

Only 220 steps up and down from our cottage

Humming birds

Not for every day but cooked breakfasts are a real treat from Tropical Hideway

Outside the cottage
Tropical Hideaway's gardens are delightful

Industry Bay landscape

View from one of our many walks - we averaged about 3 miles each day

Typical unspoilt Beqiua beach

We found a bar to watch the Liverpool Man City game

View from the excellent Jack's bar

View from one of our longer walks into the hills

Walking up here in 28 degrees is not easy

The island is full of wildlife

View from a walk

Crescent Beach where we spent week three

Marion at Bullet Point one of the highest points accessible on foot

The lovely Sugar Reef hotel dining room

An old guy who plays in local bars for a few dollars met up with a classical guitarist who was performing at the music festival. The result was magical.

Marion in Sugar Reef

Marion was stopped several times by women commenting on her outfits

Harbourside dinner at Laura's

Unspoilt beach

Jack's Bar - Tropical Hideaway is above just below the treeline

Another admired dress from Ruby Tyger in Fram

I said at the start of this postcard that Bequia remains unspoilt. It's a beautiful place. But once every ten days or so a cruise liner berths in the harbour. I suppose it's great for the bars and restaurants but if it were like this every day would the villas and hotels be full?

So that's our postcard. It's probably nearlly identical to the one I posted last year. We had a wonderful break. Glorious weather, beautiful scenery, great accommodation, friendly people, early mornings and early nights, lots and lots of reading, loads of walks, swimming, snorkelling and total relaxation - perfect.

Here's what I read while away.All were enjoyable but  the best by far for me was A Man Called Ove.  

I mentioned that magical evening. Before I go, I'll leave you with a taste of what happened.

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