Monday, 19 June 2017

Election Over - Life Returns To Normal

So that's my first election as a political activist over. I pounded the streets of Framlingham for the Lib Dems and the Suffolk Angry Women and the streets of Cambridge for the Lib Dems.

I posted over a thousand leaflets in total and walked over twenty miles. Sadly to no avail as our candidate did not win in either seat although I was happy to see Mrs May lose her majority.

Living in a Tory stronghold, I was pleased that I was not alone and I was pretty impressed by the effort put in by some residents of Earl Soham. After staying up until four in the morning watching the election results it was time for a bit of a lie in on Friday but life returned to normal at the weekend and we decided to have a day trip.

On my drives to Lid Dem HQ in Cambridge I had spotted a National Trust sign for Anglesey Abbey. We'd never heard of it before so we headed back towards Cambridge on Sunday to check it out. It's a stunning house with a fabulous collection of antiques.

There are loads of delightful walks around the gardens.

Marion reckons I should have one of these "Sunny Old Optimist" sun dials in our garden
Thursday evening saw us heading up to the college for our regular book club.

Every time I see this view from the college drive I have to take a photo. I doubt that there's a better view in Suffolk.

Friday saw us in London to restock the wardrobe. Or rather my wardrobe this time. Marion prefers to buy little and fairly often whereas I do a splurge once or twice a year. We had tickets for the National Theatre on Saturday so stayed at a Premier Inn near Tower Bridge on Friday night.

My attempt at a different view of Tower Bridge
We enjoyed a great meal at Cantina Del Ponte on Friday night. As we were in the middle of a heatwave it was wonderful to dine outside with a brilliant view of the bridge and the lively riverside.

It was back to the riverside again on Saturday for breakfast opposite the City and then we walked down to the National.

Where, once again, the boiling weather allowed us to dine on the terrace.

They even put on a fly past for us.

As for the play, Common starring Anne-Marie Duff? Well, we had been warned by the plethora of one and two star reviews and, for once, the National auditorium was very sparsely attended with gaps all around. The play was visually exciting but totally weird and even fewer saw the second half than saw the first. It was a bit Wicker Man with odd animal masks and the language - more F and C words than an afternoon on the Kop - was quite bizarre. I can't say that I enjoyed it but I'm glad that I saw it.

The shopping trip went well and my summer wardrobe is very well stocked. It will need to be if the heat of the last few days continues - our car's temperature gauge has hit thirty degrees.

Mr Pendergast's Fantastic Find is still getting great reviews. Here's the latest.

Back home on Sunday we had some guests round for a late lunch.

On the Costa Del Fram.

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