Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Another Wonderful Slice Of Life

Photo from The Chronicle website

I'll soon have run out of superlatives for Slice Of Life, our local promoter of comedy and performing arts. They've brought so many great acts to Framlingham over the last few years and on Tuesday we headed up to the youth centre for yet another wonderful evening of comedy (tinged with a touch of sadness). This time we were treated to a combination of comedy, poetry, improvisation and music from Ian McMillan and Luke Carver Goss.

The evening started with a selection of hilarious notices that Ian has collected from libraries, village halls and other venues on his travels around Britain before moving into some short poetry readings accompanied by Luke Carver Goss' haunting accordion and guitar playing. I mentioned a touch of sadness above as two of the poems sung by Luke (with choruses from the audience) had real poignancy. I was greatly touched by Ian's Song of Stanage Edge about his relationship with his father and his poem He Finished Up Down Nine Clog Pit about the harsh realities of a working life. We finished both halves of the evening with some daft improvisation involving poems made up on he hoof by Ian - one about cheese, Casanova and a toilet and the other about Spadge's great grandfather Spidge swinging from the rafters. Totally mad but hugely enjoyable.

After the fun of Tuesday it was time for another 5.30 start with a drive down to Rochester to help out with a bit of babysitting. It was another glorious day so I had another play with the iPhone camera.

The imposing keep of Rochester castle with the cathedral silhouetted against the castle walls.

A panoramic shot of both medieval masterpieces together.

Experimenting with light and shade

We had a great day looking after our little grandson who was perfect.

Just like his sister, he loved kicking autumn leaves in the park

It was my 63rd birthday on Thursday. I had a very enjoyable and relaxing day.

No prizes for guessing which of the cards was from my son and which was from my daughter.

As usual I had some time out detecting. I don't think there will be too many opportunities to get out soon as the farmers are busy drilling the fields with next year's crops but maybe I'll manage two or three more outings. This week's finds were limited but there were still a couple of interesting bits and pieces. 

Nicely decorated clog claso

Unknown mount. Looks Victorian.

Nice French Dolphin Jetton. The dolphin ('dauphin') was the traditional badge of the Counts of Alban, Dauphins of Viennois c1373-1415

Good medieval coin weight for a gold noble. Dates to c14-c15