Monday, 1 February 2016

Capital Of Culture

Framlingham's arts scene continues to go from strength to strength as those lovely people at Slice Of Life brought us yet another outstanding event last night. Following the recent hilarious evenings with Daphne, Jonny Lennard and Pierre Novellie it was time for something completely different.

Tiata fahodzi's website describes the piece "i know all the secrets in my world" as 'a physical adventure that breaks your heart and then pieces it together, putting plasters touched with tiny kisses over the cracks' and it would be difficult to put it more eloquently than that. Solomon Israel and Samuel Nicholas play a happy and close father and son whose life is shattered by the tragic death of their wife and mother. We see them in their struggle to find a light at the end of a very long tunnel through a series of poignant scenes, some played out as individuals and others together as they reflect, mourn and gradually begin to heal. 

Solomon and Samuel's athletic movement was beautifully choreographed, exciting, touching and yet sometimes wonderfully comic. They were accompanied by the beat of a very simple but highly effective soundtrack. It was a play of very few words but those few words were used to maximum effect. I was mesmerised by the whole event.

Well done Slice Of Life (again).

When does Fram apply for Capital Of Culture?