Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Foggy Aldeburgh, Murderous Mexico And A Rare Scottish Coin

One of the benefits of all the exercise classes we've been doing at Fram Leisure is that we can occasionally overdo the food and drink without worrying too much about the effect on our waistlines. Which is a good job as we've eaten (and drunk) rather a lot in the last few days. On Friday night we invited four friends round for some lasagne, wine and music. We made a Desert Island Disc playlist comprising eight songs from each of the six of us to accompany the meal. It is surprising how much wine you can get through in a 3 hours 15 minute playlist. I managed to carry the bottles to the bottle bank on Monday morning though (another benefit of those classes perhaps).    

Saturday started with a good breakfast at The Lemon Tree here in Framlingham and a bit of shopping in town (Marion bought a lovely top at Boo Tiki) before spending the afternoon working in the garden. We went out for breakfast again on Sunday to the excellent Farm Cafe at Marlesford. I love their breakfasts as they serve kidneys as an option and you don't find them on too many breakfast menus.

After breakfast we decided to have a walk around Aldeburgh. A light fog hung over the town and the famous scallop sculpture loomed quite eerily in the mist.

I had a hearing test in Ipswich yesterday so made the most of the visit and went to Cineworld to see Sicario. This is an extremely powerful and violent film about the war against Mexican and Colombian drug cartels.Emily Blunt plays a US cop who is roped into a special mission to assist a shady (but government approved) underground operation into Mexico against the gang leaders. Her role is purely to give some legality to a very dodgy plan  Her accomplices in this scheme are played by Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Torro who, unlike Blunt who likes to do things by the book , appear to have no rules or scruples. The film opens by explaining that Sicario means "assassin" and, without giving too much away assassination is the thrust of the mission. It's an extremely dark and suspenseful film and, although violent,  is filmed in a way that enabled it to be given a 15 rating. If you like tension, great acting and a heavy, throbbing soundtrack you will love this.  

Today has been glorious yet again so I grabbed the chance to get back into the fields with the detector.

This is what turned up this time.
 After sorting out the junk. Here are some of the finds.

This has the look of a Georgian shoe buckle but is decorated with croquet mallets, hoops and balls and lacks any sign of fitments.

Another thimble. Not a very old one this time

Some medieval and post medieval buckles


Post medieval stud

More musketballs

Another unidentified piece. 

Three loom weights 

Fob watch winder
Although there is nothing particularly exciting here, the best find of the day was a little silver coin. It's unusual to find a Scottish hammered coin here in England and there are only twenty-five pennies from this ruler (David II) on the Portable Antiquities Scheme Database compared to over two thousand for the English King (Edward III) who was ruling here at the time.
David II Penny c1357-67 (Rex Scotorum)

Reverse legend reads Villa Endinburgh
 We've got a trip to the Yorkshire Dales planned for the weekend. That's going to involve plenty more food and drink so we had better not miss any of those classes with Alastair tomorrow and Thursday.