Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Load Of Detecting Rubbish ..... Or Is It?

Although they were only harvested a few weeks ago many of the fields that I search with my metal detector are already replanted with a new crop and out of bounds for another growing period. So it's been a case of making hay while the sun shines this week and I've got out for a few hours while there are some fields still available. 

There is certainly a lot of metal in the field I've been searching and I reckon I was digging signals up at the rate of about one every ninety seconds. This was what I tipped out of the finds bag when I got home.

This was what I weeded out as rubbish and you can see the remaining finds below. Whether or not these finds are also rubbish lies in the eye of the beholder - one man's trash is another's treasure.

Twenty plus buttons from Tudor period to 20th century.

Part Of A Post Medieval Croatal Bell 

Musket Or Pistol Balls

Bronze Vessel Fragment Possibly Medieval

Possible Lead Pilgrim's Badge Fragment

Unknown Lead 

More Thimbles

Probable Croatal Bell Fragment

Charles II Farthing

Medieval Jetton

Unknown Lead Artefact Possibly Phallic?

Medieval Silver Penny Monarch Uncertain Due To Heavy Clipping

Reverse Which Shows It To Have Been Minted In York

Dram "Apothecary's" Weight 

Lead Window Cames (For Holding Glass)

Good Commonwealth (Oliver Cromwell) Hammered Silver Half Groat c1649


Tiny Crude Buckle Possibly Early Medieval

Unidentified Coppers

19th Century Busk Fasteners

Early Buckle

Unidentified Fitting Probably Medieval

Medieval Pot Mend

I realise that these finds are not exactly on a par with the Staffordshire Hoard but all of them are interesting to me and show that the field has been in use for over a thousand years.

It was glorious on Market Hill here in Framlingham yesterday so we took full advantage and lingered for a while with a coffee and watched a very accomplished group of musicians busking for a cancer charity.

Today we joined friends for lunch at The Station. We ordered two of these enormous steaks to share - absolutely delicious.

This week is likely to be our last full week in Framlingham for a while as we will be heading to the caravan in Scotland for our granddaughter Melody's second birthday soon. It's incredible that she is going to be two. It seems no time at all since she was born. Before we go up north we've got a couple more concerts at Snape Proms to enjoy, a first visit to Beccles open air antiques market and, hopefully a trip to Ipswich Film Theatre to see Marshland.

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