Thursday, 9 July 2015

Four Happy Years Of Caravanning

It's been almost two weeks since my last blog. That's probably the longest gap since I went into hospital for the hip replacement four years ago. Regular readers won't need to guess the reason for the long break. That's right, we've been in Scotland again. We've been back at the caravan in Craigtoun Meadows where we pay Caravan Connect about £75 per year for the privilege of sitting in front of a computer screen staring at a page that reads 'you are not connected to the internet' for ninety percent of the time that you are trying to do so. This is interspersed with brief periods when the internet miraculously springs into life and you have to choose between checking your bank statement, downloading your emails, seeing what's going on on Twitter and Facebook or writing a blog. These false dawns invariably result in making a choice of one of the aforementioned, getting as far as the sign on screen and then the dreaded 'you are not connected the internet' returns. I've given up complaining. Every time I do so, Caravan Connect give me an extra month free. At this rate I won't have to pay anything for another five years but that will still mean that every Facebook 'like' will probably have cost a couple of quid.

Anyway, we're back in Framlingham for a few days now and we didn't go to St Andrews to waste time on the internet. No we were there to see the family and, more importantly for granddaughter Rose's fourth (yes FOURTH!) birthday. It's hard to believe that it is four years since me flew up the motorway to Dundee in record time to reach Ninewells Hospital before visiting time ended. We went out and bought the caravan the following morning. Rose is growing up into a very sensitive and very friendly little girl. Last year she was shy and quite reserved but now she's very happy mixing with other children. At a playground last week she asked a much older girl to push her on the swings and then invited her round to her house to play.

We spent a lot of our time in St Andrews helping Sarah and Duncan get things ready for Rose's birthday party. 

This is what took up most of the time. Rose's birthday present was a Wendy House for her to share with Melody. It came in kit form and Duncan heroically built it while I gave a helping hand by holding things in place while he did all the screwing and drilling. We all painted it and, despite some inclement weather, just managed to get it ready in time for the big day.

It was great to spend time with Rose and Melody, who, though two years younger, may soon catch Rose up sizewise.

Rose had a great time at her birthday party. 

She managed to win the 'Mermaid' (sack) race although I suspect there was a bit of running going on in that sack instead of jumping.

Sarah made a lovely Treasure Island themed birthday cake.

Although it involves a thousand mile and (this time) an eighteen hour round trip, we're still pleased that we bought the caravan. It has given us a chance to see two our of our granddaughters grow up. We would not have had that opportunity without it.

By the way. You read all the headlines about the hottest July day ever. This was that day in Scotland.