Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Clothes And Investments In London And Clearing The Cupboards On eBay

We're still waiting for the summer to get going properly here in Framlingham. We've had a few false starts with some absolutely glorious days when we've been able to get out in the garden and get on top of the work that needs doing and then suddenly it's back to jumpers and jackets with temperatures not reaching 12 degrees. As I write this the sky is blue but the air is very chilly. We've got our friend Jane coming to visit next week and really hope that we can throw on some sunny days for her.

We're still keeping busy with our exercise classes. Our new instructor Camille has decided to go back to France so in three weeks we'll have yet another new trainer at Fram Leisure. In the meantime we'll make the most of Camille's classes. I've been doing up to ten classes a week and am starting to get my fitness back.

The best thing about exercising is that it means we can eat well. I made this paella last weekend with lobster and prawns from Framlingham market and chorizo and rice from Leo's Deli. We are really spoilt for choice for good food here.

Last week we had a trip to London. We go clothes shopping there three or four times a year and it was my turn last week. I managed to get a pair of jeans, three pairs of trousers and some shoes from Selfridges and a lovely jacket, two polo shirts and two jumpers from Massimo Dutti. I haven't shopped at Massimo Dutti before but Marion saw it recommended for men of my age in one of her magazines and I must admit that it had a great selection at very reasonable prices. I am a huge advocate of shopping local but we don't have a menswear shop here in Framlingham so my conscience is clear. We then headed to the offices of J P Morgan where we had been invited to an investment seminar by Cumberland Place, the people who look after our money.

The seminar was a presentation by Stephanie Flanders who was the BBC's financial editor amongst many many other things in a glittering career to date. She talked to us about the risks of investing in bonds and the comparative safety of equities. It was an entertaining talk but, however clever the forecasters are, there's always a Greek crisis or Ukrainian war to throw a spanner into all their predictions. That's why we use Cumberland Place and don't attempt to guess what lies ahead. At least they have an excellent track record of making solid decisions.

After London it was time to drive to Rochester again and have a day with Paul and Catherine. We had a lovely day. This photo is for Catherine. We promised to hang her balloon in the garden and take a picture.

Finding a couple of hours free for once, I decided to go through the cupboards and have a bit of a clear out. I used to have a large collection of antique tea and coffee pots and Japanese pottery but I have sold them gradually over the years. Having downsized there's no longer room to display these pieces (which aren't really in keeping with the modern look of the new house) so I found the last few stuffed away in a cupboard and decided to put them for sale on eBay. These were mostly bought at top end antiques fairs for top end prices so I imagine that someone will be getting a bargain when the sales end on Sunday this week and again on Sunday next week. I also listed a few bits of electronic equipment that we no longer need .Check out my sales on eBay here

This is one of my favourites - a coffee pot made in Liverpool in about 1780. That's going for sale later in the week.

This one is for sale now. It cost £500 as it's a rare New Hall pattern and shape, includes its original stand and is in near perfect condition. Bidding is up to £127 as I write.

This is a great Amazon Fire device which I bought to watch Amazon Prime. Now that the new TV has the Amazon Prime app it is surplus to requirements.
So if you want a fabulous antique teapot, coffee pot or piece of Japanese antique ceramics get over to eBay now. Auctions end on Sunday evenings.