Monday, 25 May 2015

Back to A Bright New Hall And Some Dark TV

We're back in Framlingham and finally have access to a WIFI signal after two weeks relying upon visits to Sarah and various St Andrews cafes to catch up on emails and social media. 

We had a great time in Scotland but wished that the weather had been a little kinder. The conditions were nice enough for me to get out on the bike just twice (I'm a very fair weather cyclist) and the new garden furniture which we bought for the caravan deck was barely used.

But we weren't there for sunbathing and it was lovely to see how granddaughters Rose and Melody have changed in the couple of months since we were last there. Melody is changing every day and is a real chatterbox who, after having very little to say just a few weeks ago, is now stringing some fairly long sentences together.

There's no questioning who is the girls' favourite - Marion makes their trips to the caravan an exciting adventure transforming the furniture into all sorts of secret hideaways and Frozen ice palaces.

While we were away, we left the keys to the house with the excellent decorator Gerald Clements who was giving the inside decor a general tidy up and wallpapering the hall landing and stairs.

He's done a great job as usual. If you ever need any decorating done in the Framlingham area, look no further than Gerald.

Being home gave us the chance to watch the new TV. There isn't much UHD content available yet so I subscribed to Neflix which has the best selection at the moment. We tried Bloodline before we went to Scotland and managed to watch six of the thirteen episodes a few weeks ago. We watched the final seven over the weekend. 

It's a sort of Florida Keys Dallas about a hotel owning family. When black sheep prodigal son Danny (played brilliantly by Ben Mendelssoh) returns to the hotel for a family reunion it's the catalyst for a family meltdown of stratospheric proportions. There's a dark reason behind Danny's Machiavellian character and through flashback and flash forward the plot unravels like a dark almost Shakespearian ( Marion's words) tragedy. This is television at its best. The UHD made it exceptional but this dark masterpiece would keep you enthralled even if you watched it on your iPad in low resolution.

On the lighter end of the TV spectrum we also caught up with Peter Kay's car share on BBC iPlayer. This series was an absolute delight. The relationship between Kay's supermarket manager John and Sian Gibson's lonely shop assistant Kayleigh who are thrust together due to a company car share scheme, is one of the best pairings since Del Boy and Rodney. Much of the action is shot through the windscreen of the car as the gloriously naive Kayleigh and her patient driver chat about the mundane world they inhabit against a background of banal local radio and drive time traffic jams. The conversation (so genuine and affectionate) is interspersed with the occasional fantasy music video making this both original and extremely funny. I loved it and hope that Peter Kay comes up with a second series very soon.

I'll end now as we're heading out to Framlingham Gala. Let's hope the sun shines on this family orientated event.

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