Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Busy Days

It's been a whole week since the last blog and that old retiree's cliche about never having enough time to do everything has certainly rung true. That's despite our now having seven days a week at home and not five due to the Rochester childcare situation being resolved.

So what exactly have we been doing to keep us so busy? Well, seven spinning and circuit training classes a week fills in a fair bit of time and, now that the weather has started to improve, our thoughts have turned to the garden.

You may remember me writing about John Ball the local blacksmith designing a garden arch for us. It didn't run exactly as planned for John as the gauge of metal that we chose on his suggestion turned out to be too flimsy and he had to go to a heavier gauge which was difficult to work with.

However, John put in a great effort and yesterday the arch arrived. We need to have it cemented into position but it's going to be a great feature for the garden once the climbing plants start to grow.

We've also been working on getting our spare bedroom fitted out in readiness for the grandchildren visiting us one day. We've got the furniture and now Emma at Esme's House in Framlingham is preparing a blind and some light shades to finish things off.

I am extremely grateful to our neighbour David from across the road who helped me to put up the bookshelves (well, in reality, put the shelves up for me). 

He was so surprised at my lack of tools that he came back today and gave me this. Thank you very much David (although, to be honest,I was very happy having you do it for me). We'll find out if I have learnt any of David's DIY skills later this week when another shelf arrives for the room and I no longer have an excuse to seek assistance from someone with the right equipment.

I have to finish now as I've booked a surprise night away for Marion. Better get packing.

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