Monday, 19 January 2015

You're Never Too Old To Start

We lived through all the riotous years of the 60s anti bomb protests, the 70s Trades Unions, the 80s with Greenham Common and the miners strikes but only when we move to a sleepy little market town in rural Suffolk do we get involved in our own demonstration.You're never too old to start so, this morning, we stood firm with local residents to show our disapproval of plans by Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes to build hundreds of homes on greenfield sites in Framlingham.

BBC local radio came to report on the protest and parked on the site in Fairfield Rd which is crossed by a well worn footpath used by hundreds of local residents and visitors.

Plenty of dog walkers use the path and some joined us in our show of disapproval.

Let's be realistic. Is a road like this suitable for hundreds of new homes with a couple of cars per household?

Today local Community Policemen eased congestion by directing traffic but on a typical day motorists have to negotiate this bottleneck without assistance.

I know that it looks like we are a couple of middle class NIMBYs who haven't even lived in the town for two years and should mind their own business but we chose Framlingham because it has a perfect balance of housing, tourism and independent local shops. Tip that balance with developments that will increase its population by 30% and the entire character of the town and its friendly community will be destroyed. And that's something worth protesting about.