Wednesday, 19 November 2014

In The Thick Of It

Our childminding in Rochester has thrust us into a hive of activity this week with by-election mania taking over the town as tomorrow's big event approaches.

Watching ITN News At Ten we had to laugh when, during an interview with the Labour candidate, Marion walked into view totally oblivious of the cameras.

The Loony Party is hardly running a no expense spared campaign with this A4 sheet on an empty shop window the only evidence of their presence.

It's a pity the same can't be said of UKIP who were all over the place today and touring in an open top bus (pity it wasn't raining). Their main point seems to be anti immigration, which, in a town that appears to be full of white English people, seems particularly bizarre. Perhaps they are all Polish and Romanians who have developed impeccable Kentish accents.

If you run a shop on Rochester High St a punning name based on the town's most famous past resident Charles Dicken is de rigueur. Sweet Expectations is no exception and they are asking customers to put a coloured sweet into the  jar of their choice from which you will see that UKIP appears to be in the lead (although there are plenty of don't knows). It looks like the Lib Dems may as well not bother turning up.

I wondered who this lot were supporting but it seems that the campaign has clashed with The University Of Kent's graduation ceremony.

We've been eating well and this leg of lamb from Hall Farm Butchers in Framlingham was delicious.

Our granddaughter helped us to bake a fish pie.

It turned out well.

Election fever will be all over by the time we head back to Framlingham tomorrow evening. We'll have to find something else to amuse us when we come back next week.