Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Le Tour De Provence Est Finis

That's right, it's all over bar the shouting (although one of the tour members is a Holland fan and they're playing tonight so there may well be some shouting).

 Here are the men from our team of Nations at last night's hotel Mas De Oulivie near Les Beaux. From left to right it's South African Mark, American Tim, South African Steve, me and English tour organiser Gary. 

And here are our wives Therese from Arizona, Wendy from Durban, Marion and Carin from Durban.

The eight of us plus Gary and his assistant Martin have cycled about 50 kilometers daily. Sometimes it's been flat like this but there have also been some steep climbs and (thankfully) some equally steep descents. The weather has been fantastic although not perfect for cycling when it hits 39 degrees in the afternoon. The hotels have all been lovely and the group got on very well together.

Now the end is fast approaching and we're here in the beautiful five star Hotel Particulier in Arles. It's a beautiful old hotel and a very fitting end to our cycle tour - Deluxe Cycle Tours has certainly lived up to its name.