Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Doing Our Bit

We had a busy time yesterday. Framlingham has an excellent community scheme run by the local Rotary Club and we've been on the list of volunteers for a while now. We haven't been called upon to help a great deal as many of the requests for assistance involve DIY and, as anyone who has seen my attempts at DIY will tell you, me and DIY don't get on well together. But slapping a frozen dinner into a microwave and making a cup of tea is within my skill set so we headed off to an elderly couple yesterday to do just that (they are unable to do it due to a temporary disability).  Once that was done we went to help another elderly lady and gentleman with a very complex form - I think that we filled it in correctly. 

I've mentioned it before but Framlingham's Hour Community is a very worthwhile scheme and the more people who know about its existence the better - I am sure that there are plenty of people in the town who are struggling needlessly when help is often available. 

We've had the excellent decorator Gerald Clements and his colleague James here this week. Gerald replaced the wallpaper damaged by the recent leak and while he was here he tidied up a lot of little cracks and scrapes that have arisen in the twelve months since we moved in. Gerald painted the outside last year but, due to the leak, we're now waiting for a quote for the outside render to be completely removed and redone. 

We've been to Clarke and Simpson's auction at Campsea Ashe this week. They had their regular weekly sale on Monday and I bought a couple of nice little portraits.

Including this one which I think depicts Empress Eugenie of France. 

It was also the fine art auction today and we had a good look around at the viewing on Monday. We were quite excited to find a very special piece of porcelain with an estimate of just £100-£150 and a rare Chinese book estimated at £40-£60. But we were sadly not alone in spotting them as, when we logged on to bid, both items sold for over £1,000.

After the auction view we went to Aldeburgh and had a great pre-cinema meal at The Lighthouse. We've not eaten here before but from this experience its position as number one restaurant in Aldeburgh on Trip Advisor is justified. 

The film, Inside Llewyn Davis is the latest from the Coen brothers. If you like their films you will love this. It's the early 60's Jim Cuddy is Llewyn Davis a performer in the mould of Bob Dylan. The film charts a week in Llewyn's life as he couch surfs around New York and hitch hikes to Chicago (with a cat) in an attempt to further his career. Although that doesn't sound like much it's a funny and enigmatic little movie that's well worth looking out for.